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Course Detail

Job Oriented Training Programme 120Days

Advance Diploma in Medical Transcription

Course Information

  • Course Fee Rs. 12,000
  • Place Rudrapur,Uttarakhand
  • Total Students 60+
  • Course Duration 4 Weeks
  • Course Start Nov 25, 2016


Medical transcription is the process whereby one accurately and swiftly transcribes medical records dictated by doctors and others, including history and physical reports, clinical notes,office notes, operative reports, consultation notes, discharge summaries, letters, psychiatric evaluations, laboratory reports, x-ray reports and pathology reports.

MT or Medical Transcriptionist is a person who with knowledge of documentation standards assists physicians and specialty surgeons usually by transcribing, formatting, and proofreading their dictated medical reports. Medical transcription is an integral part of the American Healthcare Industry and is one of the few industries to not be affected by recession. The U.S. Department of Labor has projected that jobs in the medical transcription field will increase faster than average in the coming decade as the health care industry will continue to grow

1. Completely job ready Training with 100% Job Guarantee
2. Stipend will be given to the deserving candidates during the internship
3. Exposure to the U.S. Healthcare Industry
4. Work from home opportunities after gaining suitable experience
5. Flexible and great working environment with 24 X 7 working window
7. If medical knowledge or course, would be good for understanding
8. Well defined career path and you may progress to become quality

Upon selection, you will be put through an extensive training program. The MT training program is of three/four month is duration, scientifically structured to ensure that even those with a non-science background are trained to be good MTs. The program covers American English accent, language of medicine, computer skills, and orientation to productivity related applications. We also expose our trainees for online medical files. The program is six days a week. A comprehensive exposure to anatomy, body functions, and thorough learning process of various systems, drugs, medical terms etc. form part of the intensive training program.

On successful completion of the training, you will be fit and qualified for absorption as an MT in our production unit or by companies who are in production line. An MT can move on to become a proofreader, a quality analyst, a unit in-charge, a deputy production manager, and a production manager. Pay scales for MTs start from upwards of Rs. 6000/- per month. High performers can easily achieve a level of Rs. 15,000/- per month, and they can reach this within a short span of time. Besides, you will be eligible for work based incentive schemes, perks, and facilities. Few sincere and committed performers take home, incentives that are more than 100% of the basic salary.

Course Outline

Title Course Time Spent Time Status
1. Computer Skills 15:30 13:80 Successful
2. Mastery in Typing 15:30 13:80 Successful
3. English Language Skills 15:30 - Successful
4. Listening Skills 15:30 13:80 Successful
5. Basic Anatomy 15:30 - Waiting
6. Medical Systems 15:30 13:80 -